Updates to “commission rules”~!

Hi everyone! Please take a moment to read over the “commission rules” page, I have updated some things there.

Something I want to address because it has come up repeatedly is damages.

Please know that when your doll leaves my care, it is in perfect condition. I seal each head very well, and I have a tried and true packaging method that has served me well for 10 years. Once the doll is in your hands, keeping it safe is your responsibility. Please keep in mind that custom faceups are not eternal. They can be damaged by handling, fingernails, changing clothes and wigs, transport, etc., even if you’re not outright rough with them. Areas especially prone to damage like scratches or rubbing are the forehead (putting on/taking off/styling wigs), chin (touching), or nose (rubbing against improperly affixed face shields, for example).

Maybe 2 out of dozens might have a sealant issue caused by weather conditions – this will manifest over the course of several weeks or months in the form of white spots on the face, usually around the nose and mouth corners, which eventually flake or peel. Again, this is extremely, extremely rare.

If your doll’s face gets a scratch or a smudge at some point when you’re playing with them, you can tell me, and unless it’s damaged to such an extent that a new faceup is needed, I will usually fix it for free and you’ll just have to cover shipping. But please – do not blame me. A scratch or chip is not a sealant issue, which has a very specific look. I promise I will never send your doll to you with a scratch or chip.

Thanks for reading! <3