Now open for Round 7!

Hi all! ^_^

I am now filling commission slots for round 7. These will be worked on in late September and October.

If you are interested, please fill out the sign-up form found under the “forms” tab above, and email it to me at If you would like tattoos/special markings/mods with your order, please include reference pictures with your sign-up email.

6 Express slots will be available again – for an additional fee of $15 (in addition to the regular commission price), these slots will have priority and will be worked on first once I get started on that round!

Please keep in mind that payment is due upon receipt of your invoice (a few days after signing up), however I will not need to have your dolls in hand until September.

Thank you all so much! I am excited to help bring a new batch of faces to life! ^_^