Now open for Round 2/22~!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and staying safe. <3

I am opening commission slots for Round 2/22!

Round 2 will be worked on roughly in February 2022. I won’t need them in hand until January, but you can send your doll/s whenever you are comfortable – the post office gets overworked during the holidays and there can be delays in December.

Ever wonder why I fill up a couple of rounds in advance? Well, this is my full-time job, and like other jobs I like a certain degree of security in my back pocket. Knowing that I’ll be working for sure for a few months ahead makes things a little easier to plan out. I try to be as transparent as possible with the process, of course, so you can always follow the status of commission rounds and estimated finish dates on the “progress” page. Thank you so much for supporting me! ^_^

Btw, to help streamline my work a little bit I have added a new feature to the “progress” page! From now on, all names will have a “- not arrived” next to them until their package has arrived to me. Once that note is removed from the name, that means that person’s package is safely in my hands! This way everyone can check the progress page for the arrival of their doll/s, and I don’t run the risk of missing someone sending notifications individually and making them worry.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Several customers have had an issue where my emails end up in their spam/junk mail folder. This is because I use a hosting service for my server, which means I have a shared IP, and that can sometimes get rejected or flagged. So if you’re waiting on a reply from me, please check your junk mail and if my email is in there, click the “this is not spam” or “add to safe senders” option. Thank you!

If you are interested in a slot for round 2/22, please fill out the form below and email it to me at

  1. Your real name and your username/nickname:
    2. What service(s) are you looking for?
    3. How many dolls?
    4. What head size (wig size in inches) are the dolls?
    5. Brand and sculpt
    6. Resin color
    7. Any special markings/tattoos? (please include description and reference images)
    8. Extensive freckles (more than a few over the nose)?
    9. Skin texturing?
    10. Facial hair?
    11. If it’s a faceup, will you need a previous faceup removed?
    12. If it’s a faceup, will you need eyelashes applied?
    13. Will you provide your own eyelashes?
    14. What is your zip code (or country if not in the USA)?
    15. How much insurance (if any/amount in USD) would you like for the way back?
    16. Would you like an express slot? ($15 add. fee applies)
We will then reply to you to confirm your slot.
Thanks so much everyone!