Hi all! ^_^

I’m Andy, and this is my little corner of the internet where I offer my aesthetics services. I have been a faceup artist since 2006, and I since 2010 I also create my own sculpts. I’m German, but I’ve lived in the US since 2003. I’ve landed in North Carolina. ^_^

Art has been a dominating force all my life… I got my BA in multimedia design from the University of Applied Arts in Hannover, Germany, and worked in animation for a while. I also have an MBA in Marketing, which definitely helps these days as the business has grown quite a lot!

I’ve also worked/acted in theater for a few years – call me silly, but I believe that in some ways this helps me with bringing out a doll’s personality in a faceup. 🙂

BJDs have been my joy for a long time now, and I am so glad to have found an amazing creative outlet in them. I have made wonderful friends, learned so much, and become a better artist through this hobby!

When I’m not playing with dolls, I’m usually drawing or writing or reading, walking through the woods until I find a spot where I can throw rocks in a stream, spending too much money on clothes with studs on them, or playing D&D with my loved ones (like all three of the AT team found below!).

As always, Thank You all for your continued support!
I love doing this, and all of you are fantastic! ^___^ ♥


@BJDCollectasy (2016)

@My Dolly Adventures (2013)
@BJDCollectasy (2010)

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My name is Will, I’m the graphics guy (monkey) for AngelToast. I’ve been into the BJD world ever since my wife got her first doll years ago. I’ve known Andrea for a few years. My wife had been friends with her for a while, but I first met her during a BJD panel she ran at the Animazement convention.

Since I was little I was always into art and drawing. Once I was introduced to programs like Photoshop I became hooked on computer graphics. I’ve taken some graphic design classes and other various art classes throughout my school career, but a lot of what I know is self taught.

As for other interests and hobbies, I’m a giant nerd and love all the nerd-basics (Star Wars/Trek, LotR, Dr Who, etc). I’m also big into Transformers and most 80s cartoons (I’m looking at you, Thundercats). I like various animes here and there but my favorite thing to watch are Japanese Tokusatsu programs like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Garo (to name a few). Like Andrea, I also enjoy roleplaying games, like D&D, and I almost exclusivly play MMORPGs for PC.

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Hi, I’m Michael the new Administrator (or as I prefer Ape-ministrator), here at Angel Toast. I’ll be helping Andrea with the emails, invoicing, shipping and other administrative stuff to help her have more time to make those dolls look the very best. I’ve lived on the fringes of the BJD hobby for somewhere around 10 years. Pretty much since my wife Lisa said she wanted to spend a whole lot of money on a fancy new doll. Wow, I can’t believe its been 10 years.

Now, I’m a major geek/nerd/whatever, with a pretty broad range of interests, from fantasy to sci-fi, movies to music, and games of all sorts. I probably know more about the history, geography and religions of numerous fantastical universes than I do about this one, (and I’d like to say I know a fair amount of that.) My taste in movies is, I’ll watch just about anything once. Which leads to some pretty interesting experiences.

As far as games I love them all. I avidly run pen-and-paper rpgs, play almost any video game that I can get my hands on. Sometimes I’ll even record some play throughs for YouTube or stream a game on Twitch TV for fun. In addition to those games, I also paint miniatures for games. If your interested you could even check out some of my work over on Flickr and DeviantArt. This gives me a great appreciation for the incredible work Andrea does on these dolls.

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I’m Lisa, also known as Azurielle of Azurielle’s Grove. I was one of Andrea’s first customers and now I work with her! We got into ball jointed dolls at the same time and actually met at our first BJD meet up. Andrea went with the aesthetics and faceups, and I picked costuming and sewing. You can find me on Den of Angels, of course, as well as Etsy and Flickr. We’ve both learned a lot of the 10 years in the hobby and I like to think we’ve improved vastly from those early days.

I help Andrea and Angel Toast in many random ways, so not sure I have a title. That said, I get all your dolls ready for their beauty treatments, from unpacking to wiping and preparing the dolls for Andrea to work her magic. I help with ideas, and some admin work as well. And if we make a convention you’ll usually see me there helping out.

I am and always will be a bit of a geek. I love, love fantasy, so most of my dolls, all of whom have been ‘Toasted, are elf or fantasy characters. I’m into D&D and run long term games (Andrea, Will, and my husband Mike are my players!)…many of my characters and some of Andrea’s come out of these games. I also love reading, writing, dragons, Siamese cats and collecting rocks from around the world.

All that said I love BJDs and the versatility they offer and I so appreciate everyone who has trusted their dolls and concepts to Angel Toast and Azurielle’s Grove the past decade! 🙂

.: ♥ :.

Avatars by Rinmaru Games! 🙂