Commission RULES

1. About my services

1. What I do
2. What I don’t do (please read!)
3. Materials I use
4. My faceup style
5. About recasts

2. How to commission me

1. Commission opening times
2. How slots are filled
3. What I need from you
4. What happens next
6. What you should send to me

3. Commission forms

1. The difference between the application form and Commission form
2. Reference images
3. Fantasy parts

4. Commission process

1. Turnaround time
2. Progress information
3. Photo approval
4. Changes
5. Shipping

6. Usage of images of finished dolls

1. Where I might use the photos I take
2. Where you can use the photos I take
3. Other photos of your doll




1. What I do:

My main focus are faceups, body blushing and fantasy parts – though I will do mods, and some tattoos, if I feel up to the project. See the “Prices” page for a full list. Feel free to email me at if you’re wondering about something not listed.

2. What I don’t do:

  • I DO NOT WORK ON RECASTS. I have a zero-tolerance policy for recasts.
  • I do not paint completely black dolls (like Soom Shonki), Iplehouse ebony or darker, DollShe dark tan, Kaye Wiggs dark tan, or similar super dark skin tones, as I have always had sealant and paint issues with those colors. Sorry! >.<
  • I will not copy another artist’s faceup work, nor a previous faceup done by me, unless the doll to be copied belongs to you, or you are trying to restore a faded default faceup. THAT SAID – every sculpt has limitations, and if two customers have similar preferences and wishes, sometimes dolls end up looking similar even if that was not the intention. I will do my best to keep track of everything. If you have permission from another owner to have your doll painted similarly to theirs, that is fine.
  • I will not paint any of the Volks DWC heads as commissions.
  • Eye openings on fully closed/sleeping eyes (except Unoa because their lids are very thin).
  • Facial sanding of any kind except to repair minor damage.
  • Seam sanding.
  • Major modifications such as gender switches or joint mods
  • I will not edit (add to or alter) an existing faceup unless it was done by me
  • Vinyl dolls like Barbie or Monster High. I paint these for fun and will occasionally sell them in my Etsy shop. 🙂
  • Gore mods or faceups
  • Resin color matching on full heads or bodies (partial correction of yellowing is ok)

3. Materials I use:

For faceups, I use various artist-grade pastels, Liquitex and Zoukei-Mura acrylics, Zoukei-Mura thinner, various shimmer powders, Folk Art matte gloss and Tamiya gloss. I seal with Zoukei-Mura powder spray or MSC UV Cut on most dolls. For fantasy parts and some body blushing I use an Iwata airbrush with Vallejo model air paints. For mods, I use Tamiya apoxy putty. I use airbrush paint and pastels to match the skin tone as closely as possible. Please keep in mind that the resin match will not be 100% perfect, but it will be very close. To remove old faceups, I use 100% pure, colorless acetone.

4. My faceup style:

My policy is to try to give you exactly what you want in a faceup or mod – but please make sure to look at my portfolios and be certain that you like my style. Certain touches certainly could be called my “style”, and my faceups are not 100% symmetrical, neither are my mods, nor do I think they should be. I consider a certain degree of “controlled chaos” realistic and attractive. Really, no two dolls who leave my house should be exactly the same. Eyelashes, blush, lips, it all varies depending on your wishes and your doll’s character. Knowing the doll’s personality is a priority for me! Let me know what you are envisioning, be it simple or crazy, and I will do my best to bring your ideas, and your doll, to life! ^_^

THAT SAID – Sometimes, two people ask for very similar things, and sculpts only hold so much potential to be different from each other. If two people want the same color scheme and expression on the same sculpt, they’re going to get it. Unless it is something utterly unique and recognizable, I don’t consider this copying.

ABOUT IMPERFECTIONS: Like mentioned above, nothing I do is 100% symmetrical. Also, I do my very best to pick out any dust that might end up on the head with a pin, but sometimes it is unavoidable that a tiny fleck remains if it gets caught in the sealant. Also, sometimes there might be some uneveness in the resin that causes pastels to collect differently in one area than others, which might lead to areas that might look like shadows or stains. I promise your head will be as smooth as possible and won’t be covered in fuzz, but please understand that 100% perfection is just about impossible.

5. About recasts:

I DO NOT WORK ON RECASTS. I have a zero-tolerance policy for recasts.

1. Commission opening times:

Slots open on or around the 1st of the month for a couple of months in advance – for example, June 1st I will start filling slots for the round that will be worked on roughly in August, so that by the end of June I will have all the payments, and by July all the dolls for the August round in hand. I announce here on the website, in the newsletter, and on Instagram when commissions are open.

Commission slots are organized by “Rounds”, which does not necessarily correspond exactly with any specific month. Please keep an eye on the “progress” page for the status of your commission, and ESTIMATED finish dates for rounds.

2. How slots are filled:

Commissions are open on a month-to-month, first-come-first-serve basis. In other words, there won’t be a wait list.

Once commissions are open, do the following:


Please send me an email to with the following application form:

1. Your real name and your username/nickname
2. What service(s) are you looking for?
3. How many dolls?
4. What head size (in inches) are the dolls?
5. Brand and sculpt
6. Resin color
7. Any special markings/tattoos?
8. Extensive freckles (more than a few over the nose)?
9. Skin texturing?
10. Facial hair?
11. If it’s a faceup, will you need a previous faceup removed?
12. If it’s a faceup, will you need eyelashes applied?
13. Will you provide your own eyelashes?
14. What is your zip code (or country if not the USA)?
15. How much insurance (amount in USD) would you like for the way back?
16. Would you like to apply for an express slot ($15 fee per head applies)?

I will then reply to you to confirm your slot.

There is a separate form to be filled out for fantasy parts, you can find it >>>HERE<<<

PLEASE NOTE: Being the first to email me does not guarantee your doll will be the first to be worked on. Within the round, I don’t work on dolls in any specific order – it’s what fits into my schedule.

You can send me up to 5 heads (or equivalent work load, I will let you know) per slot.

3. What I need from you:

The application form
Any special notes or questions (damage, mods, special projects, tattoos etc….)
Your payment
Your doll
Your commission details form

Please disclose any damage your doll might have – If your doll is damaged, please let me know about it when you contact me for a commission, preferably with a picture of the damage. I don’t mind fixing the doll before I paint it, but I need to know what the damage is so I can organize my time and possibly charge you for it if it’ll be a difficult repair. More importantly, I need to know that you are aware of the damage so I don’t panic and think it happened in transit!

4. What happens next:

Once your commission slot is confirmed, we will send you an invoice within a few days. The invoice email will also include my shipping address, paypal address, a link to the commission details form, and some important reminders.

The invoice looks as follows:

1. Cost of services
2. Cost of shipping from me back to you

Then you send your package to me, and we will let you know when it arrives. ^_^

5. When payment is due:

UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON YOUR INVOICE, payment will be due 3-5 days after I send you an invoice. This will typically be within a week of you signing up for a slot.


Please be sure that you want and can afford a commission slot. This is my job and my livelihood, and I have to pay my bills – cancellations throw off my month a lot. Consider buying a faceup slot like buying a preorder doll.

If something drastic happens like the head you meant to send is damaged, or there is a medical emergency, I understand and I will send you a 50% refund. Please note that if the head is already in my care and you have to cancel, you are still responsible for shipping costs back to you.

PLEASE do not cancel a commission slot simply because you changed your mind about keeping a doll, or decided to go with a different artist, etc. You can always send a different doll instead. 

Lastly, and this happens very rarely, but just in case: If I have done the work and you are unhappy with the results, we will have to discuss that. I definitely want you to be happy, and I will work with you. Some changes are possible, some are not (you can find more info on that below!). If the mishap is my fault (like I didn’t read your instructions correctly), I won’t charge you to redo it of course. But please know that some things, unless specified beforehand, are up to artistic interpretation and I cannot read your mind. Please also read the section about “imperfections” above. If the head is still in my care, I will wipe the faceup and send you a 40% refund (you will still be responsible for shipping back to you). If you accepted the final photos as they are and the head is back with you, I can not issue a refund.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


I will send you an invoice a few days after you sign up for a commission slot. If you do not send payment or a reply by the deadline written on the invoice, I will send you one reminder email – if you cancel after that, or do not reply at all, your slot will be cancelled and you will not be able to commission me in the future.

Please know that this is not just a hobby for me, it’s my job and how I pay my bills. Cancellations are serious, and ghosting is unacceptable. To protect myself, in the cases mentioned in the paragraph above, your name will be added to a “do not do business with” list.

6. What you should send to me:

a) The doll’s head (with or without headback)
b) A face shield or equivalent protection (you can also purchase these from me if needed)
c) A printed version of your commission details form (see below)
d) Eyelashes, if you are providing your own
e) The doll’s eyes for the final photos
f) The doll’s wig if you would like me to match a specific eyebrow color
g) Please make sure the doll/head is packaged in a large enough box. I might repackage dolls that arrive in too-small or damaged boxes.


1. The difference between the application form and Commission Details form:

The application form is what you first send to me to apply for a commission slot (see above under “how slots are filled”).

The Commission Details form is found >>>HERE<<<

I request that you EMAIL this form to me, and ALSO include a PRINTED COPY in your package. This makes my workflow infinitely faster. If you don’t have access to a printer, please include a hand-written form with at least the basic information.

Please always make sure to include your shipping address on the commission form!

2. Reference images:

I won’t copy another doll’s faceup (unless you have permission from the owner), but it is totally fine to send me pictures of other dolls for reference. Things like, “I like this one’s eyebrow thickness” or “I like how the lips fade towards the edges on this doll” or “This one’s cheek color is lovely” are perfectly acceptable. ^_^

You can also include photos of real people, color swatches, drawings of your characters or anything else you feel will help me bring out your doll’s character.

3. Fantasy parts:

There is a separate form to be filled out for fantasy parts, you can find it >>>HERE<<<.


1. Turnaround time:

Overall, turnaround time is roughly 6-12 weeks from the beginning of the round you signed up for, to the time I send them back. Sometimes I can fall behind and it will take a bit longer, but hopefully never more than 3 months. Exceptions are projects that require mods or tattoos, which can take longer.

PLEASE NOTE that I work on dolls in order. If your doll arrives to me in November or December for a January slot, the 6-12 week count will not begin until January.

Please understand that once your doll is finished, it might be another several days before you receive pictures. Taking/editing/uploading photos is a separate work flow from painting, and I tend to do this for several dolls at a time so I can have some days just for painting and some for computer work.

NEW: I will have 7 head slots available that will be “express slots”, for an extra fee. Those will be worked on first (once I start working on the month they are assigned to), and will be done within just a couple of weeks. I am specifying “head slots”, not person slots, so if you send me 4 heads that will be 4 out of those 7 express slots and the fee will apply to each one.

2. Progress information:

I will update the “current slots” page as dolls arrive and get worked on. If you need specific info, you can always email me at

I do not typically do progress pictures of faceups, since I feel that it is hard to judge the overall feeling and impression of a faceup until it’s complete. For example, at least three layers of pastels go into it, and a certain level of depth and variation of color isn’t achieved until the last one. But if there’s a part that’s really important to you, like for example the shape of the eyebrows, you can request that I send you a progress picture. Please note that on your commission form.

3. Photo approval:

Once your doll is done, you will receive a collage that shows your doll from several angles so you can get a good impression of the work. If you are happy with the final result, please confirm your shipping address and we will send your package back to you asap! ^_^

4. Changes:

I want you to be happy and will always work with you, but please keep in mind that once a doll’s faceup is done, the only thing I can still do to change it is to darken colors, add freckles, stuff like that. But I CANNOT take anything away or make major changes like the shape of the eyebrows.

Please know exactly what you want and don’t want. If I do a faceup to your specifications, and you change your mind later on (about color schemes, eyebrow shape, or other details), or you forgot to tell me that you did not want a certain element in your doll’s faceup etc., I will have to charge you again to redo it. I try really hard to do exactly what you want – and if you change your mind, I need to cover the extra time and materials. Some things it is possible to change after the faceup is done, but those are few, so please be careful and know what you want beforehand. If the mishap is my fault (like I didn’t read your instructions correctly), I won’t charge you to redo it of course. But please know that some things, unless specified beforehand, are up to artistic interpretation and I cannot read your mind.

For this reason, I can do “artist’s choice” faceups only if you give me a basic idea of color scheme, mood, and expression, and let me know about any things you do or do not like.

5. Shipping and after-care:

Please see >> THIS PAGE << for all info about shipping. To reiterate, I am not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping.

DAMAGES: Please know that when your doll leaves my care, it is in perfect condition. I seal each head very well, and I have a tried and true packaging method that has served me well for over 10 years.

I take photos of the wrapped doll heads before they are packed up, to document that there are no damages.

Once the doll is in your hands, keeping it safe is your responsibility. Please keep in mind that custom faceups are not eternal. They can be damaged by handling, fingernails, changing clothes and wigs, transport, etc., even if you’re not outright rough with them. Areas especially prone to damage like scratches or rubbing are the forehead (putting on/taking off/styling wigs), chin (touching), or nose (rubbing against improperly affixed face shields, for example).

Maybe 2 out of dozens might have a sealant issue caused by weather conditions – this will manifest over the course of several weeks or months in the form of white spots on the face, usually around the nose and mouth corners, which eventually flake or peel. Again, this is extremely, extremely rare.

If your doll’s face gets a scratch or a smudge at some point when you’re playing with them, you can tell me, and unless it’s damaged to such an extent that a new faceup is needed, I will usually fix it for free and you’ll just have to cover shipping. But please – do not blame me. A scratch or chip is not a sealant issue, which has a very specific look. I promise I will never send your doll to you with a scratch or chip.


1. Where I might use the photos I take:

Unless you tell me otherwise, I may post the pictures I take of your doll on Den of Angels, in my online portfolio, on this blog, on my instagram, or on my flickr account. I might also use them in my print portfolio. Not all dolls will be posted in all those places of course, but it’s a possibility. If you don’t want me to use your doll’s photo, please let me know!

2. Where you can use the photos I take:

Feel free to post the photos I send to you anywhere you’d like, your Instagram/flickr/DoA etc. If you can please credit me, that’s appreciated. 🙂 All my photos have my logo on them, please don’t remove it.

3. Other photos of your doll:
I love seeing photos of your dolls all put together! ^_^ Feel free to send me pics anytime.
There is also a flickr group for AngelToast faceups here:
I might also ask your permission to use a photo you took yourself, to include in a portfolio book. I will never do this without your permission!

Other questions? Feel free to email me at