Round 5 is closed~!

And we’re full up for round 5! Thank you SO much everyone! <3 Everyone who emailed me to sign up should have gotten a response by now, if you are expecting one but have not received it,  please also check your spam/junk mail folders. I will be sending out invoices over the next few days. Much love to all!

Round 5 commissions now open~!

Now open for round 5! This round will be worked on in June/July (I won’t need your doll in hand until May).

Please fill out this form and email it to me at

THIS IS NOT YOUR COMMISSION FORM. This is only the signup form.

  1. Your real name and your username/nickname:
    2. What service(s) are you looking for?
    3. How many dolls?
    4. What head size (wig size in inches) are the dolls?
    5. Brand and sculpt
    6. Resin color
    7. Any special markings/tattoos? (please include description and reference images)
    8. Extensive freckles (more than a few over the nose)?
    9. Skin texturing?
    10. Facial hair?
    11. If it’s a faceup, will you need a previous faceup removed?
    12. If it’s a faceup, will you need eyelashes applied?
    13. Will you provide your own eyelashes?
    14. What is your zip code (or country if not in the USA)?
    15. How much insurance (if any/amount in USD) would you like for the way back?
    16. Would you like an express slot? ($15 fee per head applies)
I will then reply within the next few days to you to confirm your slot. Thank you so much, everyone!! ^_^


Round 5/22 opening tomorrow, March 17th!

Hi all! ^_^

I hope everyone is doing well! My move is finally mostly finished, hurray! It’s fun getting everything arranged in my new workspace. There was an issue with my right hand, but I had a doctor visit/treatment for it today and everything should be fine now. It already feels a lot better. ^_^

I will be opening slots for round 5 tomorrow, March 17th! If you are interested, plese check out the “commission forms” page (linked in menu), and copy/paste the “sign-up form” into an email to me (filled out of course ^_~): I will then get back to you within a few days.

As always, thank you so much for your support. I love bringing your dolls to life and meeting all their characters.

Stay safe, and I’m looking forward to working with you!