Now filling September slots!

Hi all! I’m catching up on everything after a longer-than-expected recovery from surgery, so I am skipping August and going straight to September. 🙂 If you’re interested in a slot, please check the “forms” page, fill out the sign-up form, and email it to me at Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to working with you! ^_^


Hi all!

As most of you know I am recuperating from surgery, which is sadly taking longer than I’d hoped, but I am doing my best to be back at my desk and painting asap. The biggest problem is that I still have to keep my legs elevated about 90% of the time, which means no sitting at my work desk for long – and I’m on crutches, so I can’t spray sealant. >.< But as soon as I can, I will work double time to catch up. In the meantime, I will hopefully cover any and all emails and other messages (when I’m coherent – pain killers and general exhaustion have had me sleeping a lot). Please don’t worry, I always keep everyone’s dollies safe and secure and I work as fast as I can. I apologize that turnaround times are a little longer right now!! You will always get your doll back as soon as possible, with all my love put into the work.

In other news, I updated my trade list today with a whole slew of stuff, so if you have anything you might be interested in trading, please have a look. ^_^ The link is on the “prices” page, though I might add it to the side bar or menu as well.

As always, thank you all so much for your support. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to help you bring your characters to life. <3


May slots are full, thank you! <3

Hi everyone! May slots have filled up, I’m so sorry if you applied and I haven’t managed to get back to you yet. I will go through all my emails tomorrow and reply to everyone! Anyone who has contacted me about May and who would like a June slot, I will put you on the list right away. You’ll definitely hear from me tomorrow (May 8th)!! <3

Opening May slots~!

Hi all! This took a little longer than usual while I got a handle on how long it will take me to finish the current batches. So I’m taking on a limited number of slots for May now. ^_^

If you are interested, please read the Rules page and the Prices page, then send us an email to with the following info. Please let me know if you are a Patron on the AngelToast PATREON! Patrons always have a guaranteed slot, and priority to have their dolls worked on first during the month.

THIS IS NOT YOUR COMMISSION FORM. This is only the signup form.

  1. Your real name and your username/nickname
    2. What service(s) are you looking for?
    3. How many dolls?
    4. What head size (wig size in inches) are the dolls?
    5. Brand and sculpt
    6. Resin color
    7. Any special markings/tattoos?
    8. Extensive freckles (more than a few over the nose)?
    9. Skin texturing?
    10. Facial hair?
    11. If it’s a faceup, will you need a previous faceup removed?
    12. If it’s a faceup, will you need eyelashes applied?
    13. Will you provide your own eyelashes?
    14. Where are you located?
    15. How much insurance (if any/amount in USD) would you like for the way back?

    16. Are you a Patreon Patron?

We will then reply to you to confirm your slot.

The SPECIAL for MAY is $5 off all YoSD size faceups!