There will be a slight price increase for faceups and some extra services starting Round 4, 2022, to keep up with cost of living.

I have also added pricing for dipped-fingers hand blushing, and removal of hot-glued eyes.

I have a zero-tolerance policy for recasts.

1. Faceups

Faceup prices: The sizes apply to HEAD SIZE, i.e. WIG SIZE.

  • DM Lusion (head size 11″ and more): $140
  • Blythe/Pullip: $110 (I will not remove previous faceups from plastic dolls, please do so yourself, thank you!)
  • Dollfie Dream/vinyl: $110
  • SD (head size 8-10″) (Kaye Wiggs dolls count as SD size): $110     
  • MSD (MSD, MNF, LittleGem, DOC, Youpla etc.) (head size 7-8″): $110
  • Tinies (YoSD, LTF, TeenieGem etc.) (head size 6-7″): $110
  • 5-6″ and smaller (PukiFee, LatiYellow, Iplehouse FID etc.): $95
  • 4-5″ (MiniGem, Momonita, Popovy etc.): $85

Extra/additional services for faceups:

  • Removal of eyes glued-in by Volks: $20
  • Facial hair (goatee): $25
  • Facial hair (full beard): $35
  • Skin texturing: $5  (>> What is skin texturing? <<)
  • Extensive freckles: $10  (>> Like this or darker <<)(includes skin texturing)
  • Removal of previous faceups: $15
  • Eyelashes: $6 (if you send your own I will apply them for free).
  • Express slot: additional $15 per head (These will be available for 6 heads per month)

What I do NOT do:

  • Copy an existing faceup, unless the doll to be copied belongs to you, you are hoping to recreate a worn-off default faceup, or you have written permission from the owner.
  • Resin color matching
  • Gore style faceups (minor scars or blood are fine)
  • Raised scars/burn scars
  • I do not paint completely black dolls (like Soom Shonki), Iplehouse ebony or darker, DollShe dark tan, Kaye Wiggs dark tan, Merry Doll Round Chocolate, or similar super dark skin tones (sealant issues).

2. Tattoos

Decided on a case-by-case basis – please send me info on location, style, colors, size, etc.. Sending reference pictures right away is very helpful. ^_^

3. Body Blushing

(Includes a natural (“french”) mani/pedi unless otherwise ordered)

  • 60cm: $85
  • 45cm: $75
  • Tinies: $50
  • 70+ cm: $100
  • Hand or foot blushing incl. mani or pedi: $15 per pair
  • Dipped-fingers look on hands or feet: $35 per pair
  • Removal of previous body blushing = $30

What I do NOT do:

  • Resin color matching

5. Fantasy parts

Depends on the project! Please fill out the fantasy parts commission form and I will give you a quote. As a part of the service, I will also hot-glue suede your doll’s fantasy parts if they are not already.

6. Modding

Please keep in mind that commissions involving mods can take up to 3 months.

Modding prices:

  • Dreaming eye opening: All sizes $20.
  • Vampire fangs (includes a little indent in the lower lip): $15
  • Vampire fang removal (includes apoxie to fill in the dents): $15
  • Closing lips/mouths (apoxie & airbrush): $50
  • Elf ears: $150 (extended wait time)
  • Ear piercing – drilling only: $5 per set of two
  • Ear piercing – drilling + jewelry (ring or stud – gold or silver, various sizes): $8 per set of two
  • Glued-on piercings: $5 per set of two
    (includes ring or stud. Gold or silver, and I also have a lot of different colors of tiny rhinestones)
  • Hot-glue sueding (all sizes): $20
  • Restringing: $30 (you provide string)
  • Restringing including fresh string, but customer provides hardware (s-hooks): $40

What I do NOT do:

  • Eye openings on fully closed/sleeping eyes (except Unoa).
  • Sanding of any kind except to repair minor damage
  • Eye mods on anything smaller than a 6-7″ head
  • Major modifications like gender switches or joint alterations
  • Eye closings
  • Gore mods
  • Raised scars