1. Faceups

The sizes apply to HEAD SIZE, i.e. WIG SIZE.

  • DM Lusion (head size 11″ and more): $125
  • Blythe/Pullip: $100 (I will not remove previous faceups from plastic dolls, please do so yourself, thank you!)
  • Dollfie Dream: $95
  • SD (head size 8-10″) (Kaye Wiggs dolls count as SD size): $95     
  • MSD (MSD, MNF, LittleGem, DOC, Zaoll etc.) (head size 7-8″): $95
  • Tinies (YoSD, LTF, TeenieGem, Unoa, Rosette etc.) (head size 6-7″): $95
  • 5-6″ and smaller (PukiFee, LatiYellow, MiniGem etc.) (head size: 5-6″): $70

Extra services for faceups:

  • Facial hair (goatee): Please add $15
  • Facial hair (full beard): Please add $25
  • Skin texturing: Please add $5  (>> What is skin texturing? <<)
  • Extensive freckles: Please add $10  (>> Like this or darker <<)(includes skin texturing)
  • Removal of previous faceups: $10
  • Eyelashes: $6 (if you send your own I will apply them for free).
  • NEW: Express slot: $15 (These will be available for 6 heads per month)

2. Tattoos

Decided on a case-by-case basis – please send me info on location, style, colors, size, etc.. Sending reference pictures right away is very helpful. ^_^

3. Body Blushing

(Includes a natural (“french”) mani/pedi unless otherwise ordered)

  • 60cm: $75
  • 45cm: $65
  • Tinies: $45
  • 70+ cm: $90
  • Hand or foot blushing incl. mani or pedi: $10 per pair
  • Removal of previous body blushing = $30

5. Fantasy parts

Depends on the project! Please fill out the fantasy parts commission form and I will give you a quote. As a part of the service, I will also hot-glue suede your doll’s fantasy parts if they are not already.

6. Modding

Please keep in mind that commissions involving mods can take up to 3 months.

What I do NOT do:

  • Eye openings on fully closed/sleeping eyes (except Unoa).
  • Sanding of any kind except to repair minor damage
  • Eye mods on anything smaller than a 6-7″ head
  • Major modifications like gender switches or joint alterations
  • Eye closings

Modding prices:

  • Dreaming eye opening: All sizes $20.
  • Vampire fangs (includes a little indent in the lower lip): $15
  • Vampire fang removal (includes apoxie to fill in the dents): $15
  • Closing lips/mouths (apoxie & airbrush): $45
  • Elf ears: $150 (extended wait time)
  • Ear piercing: $5
    (please add $2 if you’d like a ring or stud included. Gold or silver)
  • Glued-on piercings: $5
    (includes ring or stud. Gold or silver)
  • Hot-glue sueding (all sizes): $10
  • Restringing: $25 (you provide fresh string)
  • Restringing including fresh string: $35