PLEASE REFER TO THIS PAGE FOR STATUS UPDATES. This page is updated roughly once a week. Please do not email me asking about the status of your doll, it slows down my work day. Emails asking about commission status will not be replied to. Thank you!
Commissions take roughly 4-10 weeks from the first of the month or when I receive the package, whichever is later. Commissions including mods, tattoos, body blushing or other special items may take longer.
[P] = In progress
[G] = Gloss and lashes are being applied
[Ph] = Photos are being taken and edited
[F] = Finished – photos have been sent to you!
Longer projects:
January slots: Closed
[G] Urbanfaerie
[G] sewb
[G]  minidesign_ayuana
[G] Shuklyah
[G] Ashbet
[G] Ravynspear
[G] Ravenwolf
[G] tuneful
[P] finnantariel
[P] MacaronTea
[P] Valo
[P] Nats
[P] Reshana
[P] zakkiyah
[P] Odii&Thaer&theCD