UPDATED 01/20/2019

I’ll happily trade/partial trade for some items. ^_^ I’ll keep this list updated as I go along.

I will only accept legitimate items. ABSOLUTELY NO RECASTS. CoA is appreciated, and Volks heads must have headplate attached (except School heads, obviously).

Things I am interested in listed below:

BJD heads

BJD full dolls

BJD bodies and parts

BJD clothing and shoes

BJD weapons and accessories

Jun Planning dolls (Pullip/Taeyang)


Japan figures

Windstone Editions

BJD heads (any skin tone unless specified)(I will consider these as FULL DOLLS as well!):

  • Luts Delf Dreaming Elf Shiwoo (eye mod is ok)(NS preferred but WS is fine too)
  • Luts Delf dreaming Shiwoo (Human, not vamp)(NS preferred but WS is fine too)
  • Sio2 Taolu (peach deer)
  • FairyLand MNF Nanuri’14
  • MigiDoll human or elf Owen
  • FairyLand MNF winter event 18/19 head A

 BJD Full Dolls (any skin tone unless specified):

  • DollZone Moment (flower doll)
  • DollZone Anson (flower doll)
  • Dollmore Lusion boy Dell
  • FairyLand MNF Woosoo vamp elf boy

BJD Bodies & parts (any skin tone unless specified):

  • Busts/head stands for SD and MSD

BJD Clothes and shoes (Try me! The worst I can say is no thanks ^_^):

  • to fit Iplehouse SID boy
  • to fit Iplehouse EID boy
  • to fit Iplehouse Nyid boy
  • to fit Iplehouse JID boy
  • for Slim Mini girl & boy
  • for YoSD
  • Volks YoSD Shinn default outfit
  • AnotherSpace SD outfit “AJ 012”
  • DollHeart Homme Fer – any color!
  • Iplehouse Edan outfit
  • Soom Idealan York – the Guardian outfit
  • WithDoll 45cm range limited outfits

BJD weapons and accessories:

  • Iplehouse Special Forces Shotgun!
  • SD size swords/weapons/shields
  • Luts bow and sword from 2004/2005
  • WithDoll Elf Hunter bow, quiver, and arrows
  • MSD sized goggles
  • FairyLand event resin quiver

Jun Planning dolls:

  • Pullip Gothic Lolita Yuki Chan
  • Taeyang ARION


  • Pureneemo Maki Sugar Dream Mint Unicorn
  • EX Cute Magical Boy of Moonlight Night Aoto (purple color scheme)
  • Clothing for Pure neemo size
  • I’m open to offers on dolls – the worst I can say is no thanks! ^_^

Japan Figurines:

AUTHENTIC ONLY. NO BOOTLEGS PLEASE. I know how to tell the difference.

Windstone Editions sculptures:

  • Old Green fledgling
  • Sand Curlie dragon
  • Rainbow Lap Dragon
  • Rainbow Old Warrior
  • Siamese Flip Flap Cat (like Gypsy)
  • Blue Morpho Mini Keeper
  • Blue Morpho scratching dragon
  • Grab bag Poads (any size)
  • Grab bag Mini Keepers
  • Grab bag Tanukis
  • Bean Poads

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